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Encounter Rules


Section: Encounters

Summary: Rules for how to handle playing NPCs, and restriction for PCs when encountering NPCs

Primary Topics: How to play NPCs of unusual species. Terms and definitions for abilities that NPCs might have.

Secondary Topics: Special rules that sometimes govern very specific encounters.

Encounter rules govern how to be an npc and what you need to know when you encounter them. If this is your first time reading through this wiki be sure to read the gameplay section before reading this one.

Encounters As A Player


The Encounter Codex (Public Version)

You can find a public friendly version of the Encounter Codex here. It contains brief write ups of many, but not all of the creatures a PC can encounter at Kingdoms of Novitas. Rules for common creatures are there so that players can learn a bit about how creature entries work, and what is fairly common knowledge. Characters shouldn't have all of this information memorized (even if a player does), each player should use their own best judgment about what details their character would likely know.

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