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Here you'll find all the rules to the game in wiki format. For a linear reading experience you can visit the rule book. To help with navigation the rules have been broken down into categories which are listed on this page and in the sidebar.

Basic Rules

Basic rules are fundamental concepts everyone at the game needs to understand for it to function. Most of these pages are policies and core ideas that the rules are then built on. Every player should understand each of these concepts and rules

Character Rules

These rules deal with the roles players take in the game, and the characters they make. Creating your own character is a critical and rewarding part of the game, these rules tell you how to do it.

Encounter Rules

Encounter rules govern how to be an npc and what you need to know when you encounter them. If this is your first time reading through this wiki be sure to read the gameplay section before reading this one.

Gameplay Rules

This section features all the rules required to actually play the game. This includes how combat between characters functions, the systems for spell casting, and rules for items.

Out of Game Rules

Not all of the rules are game related. Some of them are about how we structure events, and how staff operates.

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