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This icon calls attention to information that is important for player safety. As the most important concern you should always be sure to read information in these call outs.

This icon brings attention to mistakes players commonly make.

This icon means that there is some trivia related to why something is the way it is. The information isn't terribly useful unless you enjoy knowing out-of-game trivia.

This icon means an example is being given of something that was just described.

This icon calls attention to rules that you only need to know in very specific circumstances. It's important to document weird interactions, but when a player is first learning the rules, its probably best to skip this information for the time being.

This icon gives information on ways you as a player can help staff to balance doing their jobs while still being participants who are in the community to have fun

This icon means that the associated information isn't rules related but is suggested strategies for applying the rules. Sometimes it isn't obvious why rules are the way they are, these call outs draw attention to intended ways to use the rules to your advantage.

Some text can be temporarily collapsed so you can avoid needing to see everything at once. The site will remember how you left the text on your last visit.

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