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Term Name: Camp Kingsley

Description: Where the game is held.

Abbreviation or Synonyms: Kingsley, Game Site, Site

Rule Type: Out-of-Game

Camp Kingsley

Camp Kingsley is a Boy Scout camp that hosts our events. We rent out the entire camp site 8 or 9 times a year for our events. Nearly all of the buildings on site are available for us to use and they provide some basic resources (like toilet paper), everything else used is provided by Kingdoms of Novitas.

Because we are guests at the site we need to make sure we always follow the camp's policies on certain things.

  • Camp Kingsley is a dry site, no alcohol is permitted there, ever.
  • Smoking is only allowed at the designated location in the parking area.
  • Showers are available year round, but the nicest shower facilities are not available in winter (or early spring).
  • Any fire lit on site must always be attended to at all times, fires may only be lit by individuals given approval by the Operations Marshal or second, Chris Soukup or Zach Goldstein.
  • Swimming in the lake is prohibited.
  • Driving on the Sports field is prohibited, there is a leach field for the bathrooms there which could get crushed by the weight.

Work Days

About twice a year Camp Kingsley hosts volunteer work days where mostly Boy Scouts come and volunteer their time, improving and upkeeping the site. The more hands they have available the better the improvements can be, and they greatly appreciate our help. Showing up to these events make us stand out as great members of the community and help ensure a healthy relationship with our hosts. To that end we award a great deal of experience for anyone who shows up to help out at work day.

When you see a post about a Camp Kingsley Work Day please consider volunteering your time to help out.


There are a variety of buildings on site for our usage. With all buildings be sure to close the door behind you to keep the seasonal weather and bugs out. All of the buildings have heat in the winter, none of them are air conditioned. Buildings that are used in-game are always in-game during event hours. Reserving space in one of the A-Frames is recommended if you plan on sleeping during event hours.

The Dining Hall (Logistics and the Inn)

This is the largest building on site. Sleeping is not allowed in this building. It is split in half during events by a large curtain. A gap is available in the curtain so that people in the front half of the building can have access to the restrooms in the back and for during out-of-game hours. Please don't use the the gap in the curtains to enter or exit play as an NPC, use the doors.

The front half is "logistics" where check-in takes place at the begining of each event. During shifts gamemasters can be found at the same desk. Non-player characters will get dressed and get make-up for encounters here as well. This is the best location to find a member of staff if you need one at any time during an event. Entry to logistics is primarily through the buildings front doors. The fire place here should only be turned on or off by staff.

Meanwhile, the back half of the building is the Inn, the Spinning Jenny. During game the Inn can be accessed by either of the side doors on the building. The Inn has food for coin available during every shift. Non-player characters eat for free. Dishes can be washed in the kitchen, and space is available in the kitchen to store your dishes when not in use. Please don't leave them out on the tables.

The kitchen should only be used for cooking or storing food with approval from the Inn Marshal, Hannah Vary. At the back of the building is one last door which goes straight into the kitchen. This should only be used by innkeepers working a shift, and for emergency situations.

Williams Lodge

Up until recently Willaims lodge was the location of the Spinning Jenny (the Inn). It now serves as the location in-game for the Vargainen Embassy, and for the Town Hall. Beds are available here by reservation only. Speak to the Ops Marshal, Chris Soukup to reserve one.

Harden Cabin

Harden Cabin was the original location of the Spinning Jenny, then the second location of the Slap & Tickle, before eventually becoming the location of the Glowing Coals. Currently, it serves to represent a variety of possible locations. The building should not be used by player characters in-game at this time except for during encounters. It is located inside the random encounter adventuring zone. Gamemasters will use this building during the game for random encounters that need a building to make sense. Treat the building as the same building on a single shift, but when the shift is over, give the gamemasters some freedom to write stories, and treat it as a different building located nearby.

The building sits at the end of the parking lot. Players are always welcome to sleep in this building on a first come, first served basis.

A fridge and stove are present in the building. Speak to the inn marshal, Hannah Vary, about using them. If you do, you will be responsible for cleaning them.

Evans Cabin

Evans Cabin was the original location of the Slap & Tickle up until 2020. The building sits in the Hooked Encounter Zone and should be not be used by player characters in-game to allow Gamemaster's to write hooked plots that require a building. Each encounter in this building could represent a different location as needed for narrative purposes. It sits down the road from Harden Cabin near one of the nicer bath facilities. Players are always welcome to sleep in this building on a first come, first served basis.

A fridge and stove are present in the building. Speak to the Inn Marshal, Hannah Vary, about using them. If you do, you will be responsible for cleaning them.

Cayuga Cabin

Cayuga Cabin is commonly referred to as Mercy House. Player characters should not use this building in-game. The building is located in the Hooked Encounter Zone can represent a different location each time it is used as needed by the Gamemasters for encounters.

The A-Frames

There are three A-Frames located near the Ranger's house. They are named Apache, Pawnee and Sioux going from the nearest to the Ranger's house to farthest. To get to them drive past the Ranger's house when you first get to the site. Walking to them is possible, but the path is fairly steep. These buildings are available by reservation for players to sleep in. Speak to the Ops Marshal, Chris Soukup, regarding reservations. Parking is available at all times at the A-Frames.

A fridge and stove are present in each building, however be warned they were not well cared for during 2020. Speak to the Inn Marshal, Hannah Vary, about using them. If you do, you will be responsible for cleaning them.

The A-frames have showers and bathrooms in them that are only available in the late Spring, Summer, and early Fall. The rest of the year the only facilities available there are two port-a-potties.

These buildings are only considered in play if the players staying there wish for them to be, and even then only if they are prepared to be in-game in advance (with people's out-of-game items hidden, etc). Plots are not sent there.

The Pavillion

The Pavillion is commonly known as the Bazaar, this isn't a building, but it can be used in-game as one. A variety of picnic tables are available for player usage. There is power available in the corner closest to Williams. Players can claim up to two picnic tables for encampments or merchant stalls. Nothing protects merchandise from being stolen however.

Unavailable Locations

This stone Chapel near the lake is not available for our use.

Heath Lodge and Hornbeck are just outside of Harden Cabin. Hornbeck was once used as a temple, but is no longer available to us for use. Heath lodge has never been available for our use.

The waterfront building by the lake is not available for our use.


The lean-to's are available for players to sleep in, though this is not recommended in the colder months unless you know what to expect. Groups can also use these to set up encampments in. These can be claimed each event on a first come, first served basis.

The Ranger lean-tos are the group of lean-tos in the middle of the Maplewood Town Zone closest to the lake. On the north end of the Maplewood Town Zone closest to the ranger's house are the Seneca Lean-Tos.

The Oneida Lean-Tos was once referred to as 'Maplewood Proper' in the early days of using the site. After various plot developments this is no longer a central part of town and is now located in the hooked plot adventuring zone. People still commonly use that name even though it isn't accurate any more.

Parking and Driving on Site

Parking in front of the Logistics Building is for loading and unloading only. When game is in progress all vehicles should be parked either in the main parking lot directly ahead of the entry driveway, or parked at the A-Frames. The camp asks us to keep our maximum speed at 5 miles per hour. Please do your best to keep to that speed. Outside of game hours, cars can be driven to drop off or pick up items in Williams Cabin or to the Lean-tos. This should not be done during game hours, when snow is on the ground (it gets VERY icy), or if it is wet enough a vehicle will leave tracks.


Players are allowed to set up tents on site, but there are some restrictions on them. Check with the Props Marshal, , regarding where it is ok to set up period tents during events. We need to make sure we don't lose prime encounter locations and we also need to make sure support ropes aren't tripping hazards.

Modern or otherwise non-period tents can be set up but must be broken down while the game is happening and for this reason are not recommended.

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