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Alchemical Items

Alchemical Item

Alchemicals represent chemical concoctions that can be helpful or harmful. All alchemcials are consumables kept in vials for usage when needed.


Alchemical items (sometimes called compounds or admixtures) represent the pinnacle of old world chemistry mixed with a tiny bit of occult knowledge. The products are considered everyday items with no magical properties, useful for bypassing magical defenses or circumstances where magical healing won't work. Alchemicals are produced by characters with the Alchemy skills and production points.

Alchemicals can generate a wide variety of game effects duplicating some spells. Characters who are immune to spells are still affected by alchemical items, only effects that specifically stop alchemical items or the call caused by an alchemical item will prevent them from working.

Many harmful alchemicals are poisons, though not all. Beneficial alchemicals can cure poison, restore spent power points, and heal wounds. Notably the only way to remove the Diseased, Exhausted and Lycanthropy conditions are alchemical items.

There are three primary subcategories of alchemical items: blade alchemicals, ingested alchemicals, and thrown alchemicals. Blade alchemicals are compounds applied to weapons to enhance their combat capabilities. Ingested alchemicals can be both helpful or harmful depending on the specific item. Thrown alchemicals are mixtures of chemicals that react when exposed to air, throwing a vial with these chemicals in them (represented with a tag bag) can be done as an attack.

Herbalism and Alchemy

The Herbalism skill is required to handle all blade alchemicals and thrown alchemicals safely. With ingested alchemicals it is only needed for those that are classified as 'harmful'. Each alchemical will list on it's paper if it is 'harmful' or not. If a character does not possess Herbalism and attempts to use an alchemical item that requires it, they suffer the effects of the item immediately and the item is consumed with no further effect. With blade alchemicals Herbalism is required to apply the alchemical, but not required to attack with the affected weapon.

Blade Alchemicals

A blade alchemical is a consumable item that is applied to a weapon in order to make it more deadly. All blade alchemicals replace a weapon's normal damage call with something else. In order to apply a blade alchemical you must possess the Herbalism skill and role-play the action of applying the compound to your weapon, then tie a flag to it.

Once applied a blade alchemical typically lasts for 10 minutes and/or replaces the next successful hit the weapon makes (whichever comes first). Some blade alchemicals require different special materials, or have bonuses based on what materials a weapon is made out of. Each blade alchemical lists any special interactions it has with a particular material type.

Some blade alchemicals reference a "pure" weapon. These are weapons made from only the material type listed. A weapon that has the mundane weapon craft feature (which allows it to strike for a material type or no material type) does not count as a pure weapon.

Elven Steel weapons may never have blade alchemicals applied to them. If a blade alchemical is applied to an Elven Steel weapon it is rendered inert immediately.

Ingested Alchemicals

Ingested alchemicals can be helpful or harmful. To use an ingested alchemical a character must role-play drinking it. Follow the instructions on the item for what it does.

Characters may also role-play putting the chemicals into something a character will later eat or drink. If a character does this they must then put a green sticker somewhere on the container the food or drink is contained in (this could be the bottom of a plate or a mug for example). The green dot allows characters with the herbalism skill to inspect the food and if they notice the green dot they will know 'something' is off, but not necessarily what. Should a person ingest the food or drink they should then be notified of exactly what was put in the food. Their character will not be aware of this, only the player gets to know. This can be done with both harmful or beneficial alchemicals if a character so chooses. When this is done with a large container, such as a pot of soup, only one person is affected per dose of ingested alchemical used. The first person to consume the food (or drink) is affected, and so on, until all doses have been used. It is acceptable to voluntarily take a harmful effect if a character consumes the food after all doses have been applied, so long as there is no mechnaical advantage in doing so.


Ointments are like ingested alchemicals, but are applied topically, generally to treat wounds. To use them role-play applying the ointment to the target. Otherwise, follow the alchemical for any other special rules.

Thrown Alchemicals

A thrown alchemical represents a small easily breakable vial being hurled at an enemy. To use a thrown alchemical the vial being used must be easily reachable by the person using it, however they do not need to grab it right away. The player should role-play grabbing the alchemical, then instead grab a tag bag and throw that. Because thrown alchemicals are often used in the middle of combat, players are not expected to destroy the consumable tag right away. Players should keep track of what they use and how many of each, then at a later point that is more convenient make sure they should destroy the consumable tags for anything they threw.

The thrown alchemical will always state what call to use when you 'throw' it.


Formulas are a type of scarce item that can be acquired during play. They allow you to turn in specific combinations of items during preproduction to acquire specific scarce items in return. Each formula will state what gets turned in and what specific things you get in return on it. They do not explain what the items do, players will need to use the formula to learn about things that may be new to them.

The primary purpose of formulas is to allow players to turn back in loot plants they find during play. This helps players so that they don't have to carry bulky plants, ensures the plants don't get destroyed in people's bags and cuts down on how many of each plant logistics needs to have on hand. Most formulas produce a scarce item that duplicates the effect of the plant and some kind of byproduct to make the turn-in more worthwhile than holding onto the plant.

Alchemical Listing

Alchemical Name

Alchemy Level Type Duration Scarce Production Quantity Description

Bug Repellent

1 Thrown Alchemical Short (1 Minute) No 4 A thrown alchemical that calls for 'Disengage Insect!'.

Compost Moss

1 Special Alchemical Instant No 1 Help bodies naturally decompose faster.


1 Blade Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 A blade alchemical that allows a weapon to strike for 'Poison'

Gershan Roots

1 Thrown Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 2 A thrown alchemical that calls for "Acid Grounding!", this gives the grounded condition to prevent escaping.

Holy Water

1 Thrown Alchemical Short (1 Minute) No 4 Throws for 'Disengage Undead!'.

Lanthir Oil

1 Blade Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 Transform a weapon into a mundane one temporarily.

Minor Power Elixir

1 Ingested Alchemical Instant No 1 Gain 2 power points.

Ritual Ink

1 Special Alchemical Instant No 5 Used for the creation of loot rituals and level 5 scrolls.

Spirit Tar

1 Ingested Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 The drinker gains the Grounded condition, preventing them from dissipating among other things.

Stabilizing Concoction

1 Ointment Permanent No 1 Used to treat the severely wounded, this removes the Bleeding Out condition.


2 Ingested Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 Knock someone unconscious without hurting them.

Base Paste

2 Ointment Long (Game Day) No 1 Protects a shield from being broken by acid damage.

Elixir of Wisdom

2 Ingested Alchemical Extra Long (Event) No 1 Gain 1 Power for the event.

Mother's Intuition

2 Ingested Alchemical Instant No 1 Diagnose yourself to understand any conditions you are experiencing.

Rejuvenation Elixir

2 Ingested Alchemical Permanent No 1 This very useful item, replenishes 2 power points, heals body points, and removes the Diseased condition.

Scorpion's Kiss

2 Blade Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 2 Replaces a weapons strikes with 'Poison Weaken!'

Sterling Sheen

2 Blade Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 Temporarily makes a mundane weapon silver or a silver weapon elven steel.

Vermin Bane

2 Ingested Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 2 After 10 minutes gives the Torso Wound condition.

Warding Amalgam

2 Ointment Long (Game Day) No 1 Gain a prevention shield that stops the next 'Magic!' call to hit you.


2 Ingested Alchemical Instant No 1 Removes the Lycanthropy condition.

Affection Confection

3 Ingested Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 Inflicts poison charm on the imbiber so they fall in love with the first person they see.

Dilution Solution

3 Thrown Alchemical or Ointment Instant No 2 Causes 'Dispel Alchemy!'

Elixir of Toughness

3 Ingested Alchemical Long (Game Day) No 1 The imbiber gains +1 Body for the Game Day

Explosive Charge

3 Special Alchemical Instant No 1 Blow up locks to get to the treasures they protect.

Hand of Death

3 Thrown Alchemical Instant No 2 Throws for '4 Poison!'.

Lycanthropy Safeguard

3 Ingested Alchemical Extra Long (Event) No 1 The imbiber is immune to the Lycanthropy condition.

Madweed Extract

3 Ingested Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 Gain +1 Might.

Magic Power Elixir

3 Ingested Alchemical Instant No 1 Restores 4 power points.

Medicinal Poultice

3 Ointment Instant no 1 Removes any Limb Wound conditions on a character.

Smelling Salts

3 Special Alchemical Instant No 1 This reusable item cures compulsion based conditions and other mental effects as well.


3 Blade Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 Replace your next hit with "Poison Curse!".

Stasis Compound

3 Blade Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 Affected weapon's next hit calls for 'Grounding!'

Tanglefoot Bag

3 Thrown Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 2 Throws for 'Poison Pin!'.

Terran Roots

3 Thrown Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 2 Gives enemies the Grounded condition preventing them from dissipating.

Vial of Acid

3 Thrown Alchemical Instant No 1 Throws for '4 Acid!'

Bile of Nox

4 Blade Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 May only be used on a goblin iron weapon. Replaces your next attack with '<Might or Accuracy> Poison Slay!'.

Blackout Juice

4 Ingested Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 Inflicts 'Poison Terror!' on the imbiber.

Bloodwort Extract

4 Ingested Alchemical Instant No 1 Removes the Torso Wound condition from another character.

Claw of the Beast

4 Blade Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 2 Gives +1 Might or Accuracy and replaces a weapons damage type with 'Poison!'.

Frenzy Brew

4 Ingested Alchemical Medium
(10 Minutes)
No 1 Gives the imbiber 2 monstrous body points that break cap.

Knight's Bane

4 Blade Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 Makes a silver weapon strike for "1 Silver Pierce!".

Mind Expanding Elixir

4 Ingested Alchemical Extra Long (Event) No 1 Gain 2 Power for the event.


4 Ingested Alchemical Instant No 1 Cures the Acid Residue, Diseased, Exhausted, Lycanthropy, and Poisoned conditions.

Touch of Panic

4 Blade Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 Replaces your weapon's next attack with 'Poison Enfeeble!'.

Truth Serum

4 Ingested Alchemical Short (1 Minute) No 1 Gives the Truthful condition

Weapon Stone

5 Ointment Long (Game Day) No 1 Augments a weapon so that anyone who uses it gets +1 Might while doing so.

Balm of Vigor

5 Ingested Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 The imbiber gains 2 might.


5 Ingested Alchemical Instant No 1 Restores 4 magic power points, heals all body damage, removes the <Limb> Wound, Torso Wound, Acid Residue, Exhausted, Poisoned, and Diseased conditions

Craftsman's Purity

5 Blade Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 A pure silver weapon replaces its next hit with "Dispel Magic!".

Elixir of Cosmic Power

5 Ingested Alchemical Extra Long (Event) No 1 Increase your Power by 3.

Ethereal Sealant

5 Ointment Long (Game Day) No 1 Makes the subject immune to all magic, both harmful and beneficial.

Gershan Thunder

5 Ingested Alchemical Instant No 1 Inflicts a 'Poison Torso Wound!' on the imbiber.

Grip of Darkness

5 Blade Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 Replace a weapon's next hit with 'Poison Terror!'.

Neutralizing Solution

5 Blade Alchemical Medium (10 Minutes) No 1 Replaces a pure silver weapons next hit with Dispel Alchemy.

Ogre Extract

5 Ingested Alchemical Long (Game Day) No 1 Gain 2 body for the game day.


5 Ointment Long (Game Day) No 1 Completely transforms a weapon into a new material type temporarily.

Two-Step Venom

5 Thrown Alchemical Instant No 2 Throws for '4 Poison Pierce!'



A consumable item is any item with a limited number of uses. Most consumables can only be used once. Wands are an exception to this, they have a fixed amount of power points available to them when created and when those power points are consumed the item is consumed.

Paper Consumables

Paper Consumables

Most consumables are represented by a slip of paper with an official logistics stamp on it. These papers are then the finished product (in the case of scrolls and trap tags) or placed inside other objects (like alchemicals and potions). There are standard potion vials the game uses for alchemicals and potions, which are available at cost at the logistics desk. Players are welcome to use their own as well so long as the container is safe, and should not be made of glass. We use plastic bottles for safety reasons making them an exception to the period materials guideline.

Only one slip should go inside any given container.

Paper consumables are generally not numbered. They are lootable however. Treat any in-game document with a logistics stamp and no number as lootable.

Outdated Consumables

Rules are updated on a yearly basis. Sometimes particularly complicated situations arise that require updates immediately. Over time, printed consumables can become grossly out-of-date with very wrong information on them. Players are allowed to update them, turning old copies in to logistics to get up-to-date copies instead. This is purely optional, but helps to allow you to read what the consumable does ACCURATELY while in play. Players should consider doing this because they might not be the person who ultimately uses the consumable.

Paper consumables will have a date printed on them. If the item (or the spell the item is based on for potions and scrolls) have been updated the page in this wiki will list the date it was last changed. This is an impractical way of checking large numbers of items however, and is mostly useful if you think something is off. A method of checking more items rapidly is being worked on and will hopefully be available by mid 2024.

Using Consumables

When you use a consumable you should roleplay using that item. For potions this means role-playing drinking it, or feeding it to someone else. Lids do not need to be removed from containers, you are allowed to mime the action. Alchemicals depend on what type of alchemical it is. After doing this the effect begins immediately. At your earliest convenience destroy the paper (rip it in half) after removing it from the container (if any). This does not have to be done right away, and often combat makes doing it immediately impossible.

Containers that belong to you should be kept for future use, if the container came from the game (such as from loot) return it to logistics to be reused. Odds are you won't remember which is which, so follow a ratio that makes sense to you. If half your consumables were probably loot, give about half the containers you use back to logistics.

Scarce Items

Some consumables are labeled as being scarce. These items cannot be produced at all. They also can't be copied, reproduced, or used in any way without being consumed. Only items that explicitly interact with scarce items may break this restriction. Scarce items are intended to only ever be available as loot.

The purpose of a scarce items is to ensure there is always the potential for something unusual and hard to find to be available from encounters.


Producing Alchemicals

Alchemical items represent mundane chemistry that has a particular effect.

Using the alchemy skills a character can produce alchemical items of any level the character has the appropriate skill for. There is a list of all alchemical items and any player with enough skill levels can automatically produce anything on that list.

Each alchemical item states how many copies it produces per time it is made. For most this will be 1, but for some items it could be many more. When ordering these items using preproduction list how many times you wish to pay for that item with production points, logs will multiply that by the number produced and get you the correct number when assembling your order.

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