Essential Rules

This chapter contains core concepts that all players must know to participate.

Age Requirements

An Adult Oriented Game

We are not suggesting that this game deals with 'Adult' topics regularly, we are simply trying to make it very clear that so long as players stick to the code of conduct it is not our policy to police where players take the narrative of plots.

Kingdoms of Novitas is intended for adult players over the age of 18. While most plots do not involve adult themes, some do involve themes such as violence or romance. It is not the game's responsibility to change (so long as those players involved are following the games code of conduct). If this is an issue for a player they are encouraged to leave the scene immediately.

Players Aged 15 to 18 Years

Players younger than eighteen years old and older than fifteen years old can, with explicit permission from the first marshals (Christina Mevec, James Vertucci, and Ryan Green), participate in game events under some restrictions. They must be accompanied by a sibling, parent, or legal guardian who is over the age of twenty one. The accompanying adult must be a signed-in participant with a standard waiver and must remain on-site at all times. It is the guardians responsibility to keep the minor from participating in any thing they deem inappropriate, the game does not change because a minor is present.

Individuals Under the Age of 15

Individuals under the age of 15 are not allowed to participate in game events. If for any reason an individual under the age of 15 is present on site they must be in the immediate vicinity of a signed-in sibling, parent, or legal guardian (with waiver) over the age of 21 at all times without exception.

Code of Conduct


Kingdoms of Novitas does not tolerate harassment in any form, including sexual harassment, and will take immediate action to address knowledge or complaints of violations of this policy. To aid in documentation, please try and report offending behavior during the event in which it occurs. Reporting can be done to any available marshal. For the purposes of this policy, any person attending a Kingdoms of Novitas event will be referred to as a ‘player’. By participating in a Kingdoms of Novitas event, you are consenting to comply with the following guidelines:


Harassment is defined in this policy as any physical or verbal action intended to coerce, threaten or intimidate a player (as opposed to a character). While harassment is not exclusive to the following examples, this guideline for what constitutes harassment will help determine what is a violation of this policy:

  • Verbal harassment includes comments that are unwelcome or offensive to any

person’s religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability status, gender identity, sexual orientation, sex, pregnancy, age, appearance, marital status or other protected status, including slurs or negative stereotyping.

  • Please note that willfully and maliciously misgendering a person using the

incorrect name and pronouns can and will be considered verbal harassment.

  • Nonverbal harassment includes the distribution or display of written material

encouraging harmful stereotypes, violence, or discrimination based on the aforementioned protected classes, occupying somebody’s personal space with the intent to intimidate, threaten or coerce them, and aggressively touching somebody with said intentions and without consent.

  • As we are a roleplaying game, it is acknowledged and encouraged that

roleplay is immersive. However, if somebody expresses discomfort out-of-game, the instance of roleplay should immediately end. Continuing said instance in spite of expressed discomfort will constitute harassment as if the violations of this policy were performed out-of-game.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment of any form is prohibited by Kingdom of Novitas’ code of conduct in all instances. Sexual harassment occurs when unsolicited or unwelcome sexual or romantic advances, requests, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual or romantic nature:

  • Is persistently enacted on a player that is visibly uncomfortable or avoidant
  • Is persistently enacted on a player that has established a verbal boundary against it
  • Is roleplayed without the explicit out-of-game consent of any person that is

present or participating in the instance

  • Creates an intimidating or otherwise hostile environment Sexual harassment often takes many different forms. While sexual harassment is not exclusive to the following examples, this guideline for what constitutes sexual harassment will help determine what is a violation of this policy:
  • Verbal sexual harassment includes innuendoes, suggestive comments, jokes of a

sexual nature, sexual propositions, lewd remarks and threats; requests for any type of sexual favor (this includes repeated, unwelcome requests for dates); and verbal abuse or "kidding" that is oriented toward a prohibitive form of harassment, including that which is sexual in nature and unwelcome.

  • Nonverbal sexual harassment includes the distribution, display or discussion of any written or graphic material, including calendars, posters and cartoons that are sexually suggestive or show hostility toward an individual or group because of sex; suggestive or insulting sounds; leering; staring; whistling; obscene gestures; or other forms of communication that are sexual in nature and offensive.
  • Physical sexual harassment includes unwelcome, unwanted physical contact,

including touching, tickling, pinching, patting, brushing up against, hugging, cornering, kissing, fondling, and forced sexual intercourse or assault. Courteous, mutually respectful, pleasant, noncoercive interactions between players that are acceptable to and welcomed by both parties are not considered to be harassment, including sexual harassment.

Sexual Activity on Site

Even when consensual between parties, engaging in sexual activity at Kingdoms of Novitas events is strictly forbidden. This includes public structures, like lean-tos, cabins, and A-Frames, as well as areas where others might accidentally view or hear the encounter. Violations of this policy will be subject to an investigation as well as swift disciplinary action if discovered.

Confidentiality and Retaliation

No loss or penalty will befall a player for:

  • Lodging a bona fide complaint with a staff member regarding a breach of this conduct
  • Acting as an eyewitness and reporting a breach of conduct to staff
  • Appearing as a witness to a breach of conduct

Reporting a bona fide breach of conduct will in no way be used against the player reporting their concern. However, filing a malicious or baseless complaint will constitute a violation of this policy. All complaints will be treated with confidentiality to the best of staff’s ability, and information will only be disclosed on a need-to-know basis. If requested, the identity of the complainant will remain anonymous unless circumstances demand otherwise, and staff will take steps to ensure that the complainant is protected from retaliation.

Reporting Procedure

The following procedure is recommended upon experiencing or witnessing a violation of this code:

  1. If comfortable, address the player in question and clarify your boundaries. If this does not resolve the issue or the player does not stop, move on to step two.
    1. Note: If this occurrence happens in-game, please immediately go out-of-game for the purposes of addressing this to avoid any confusion on either player’s part.
  2. Report the incident as soon as possible after its occurrence to a game volunteer, who will direct you to a member of staff, or go directly to a member of staff. Please try to have a name and/or description of the offending player available. A list of current Marshals and Second Marshals can be found here.
  3. The Marshal or Second Marshal in charge of this complaint will report it to the First Marshals. This investigation will include gathering witnesses or other evidence of the infraction, and involve discussions with parties involved in the incident. As aforementioned, there will be utmost attention focused on confidentiality, and the complainant will be informed of all steps in the investigation before they occur.
  4. If the complaint is found to be well-founded, disciplinary action will be taken. This is to be approved by the Marshals and Second Marshals, and can include, but is not limited to, a warning, the removal of the offender from the area, the expulsion the offender from the event (if the investigation and complaint happened within the same event) without a refund, removal from staff (if a staff member or work group volunteer), or a temporary or permanent ban from attending Kingdoms of Novitas events.

Please address any questions, comments or concerns about the contents of this policy to the first marshals. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope Kingdoms of Novitas can be a safe, fun and engaging space for all of its players.

Gender and Roleplaying Policy

Kingdoms of Novitas is committed to ensuring a safe and inclusive experience for all players. We recognize that gender is a complex spectrum and the comfort level of our players may vary in different situations as their Out-Of-Game (OOG) identities evolve. As a role-playing game, we want to pay special attention to matters of gender identity.

  1. Players are expected to play both Player and Non-Player Characters (PCs and NPCs) with the same gender identity and pronouns that they would use OOG. PCs should maintain a consistent gender identity. Should a player need their PC’s gender identity to transition, the player should reach out to the 1st Marshals to implement that change for their PC.
  2. Under no circumstances are players at Kingdoms of Novitas’ games, events, and platforms allowed to:
    1. Intentionally use the wrong pronouns for a player
    2. Mock and/or parody any gender identity
    3. Encourage discrimination against any gender identity
  3. As per our harassment policy, these actions are expressly forbidden. All infractions of this policy will be met with swift disciplinary action.
  4. If a player suspects a deliberate or malicious violation of this policy, they should utilize the grievance form or speak to the 1st Marshals.

Thank you for your commitment to helping us make Kingdoms of Novitas fun and inclusive for all of our players. If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, or if you require further clarification, please reach out to the 1st Marshals.

Game Safety


All players need to have a on file before participating in the game. The current can be found here:

Filled out digital copies of the can be emailed to before attending or you can fill out a physical copy on site when you first check-in for the event.

Physical Contact

Players are allowed to act as if they are physically fighting if all parties have given clear verbal consent in advance. These situations should be purely for theatrical purposes and should take place outside of active combats to make it clear they are not part of the combat.

Physical contact is a subject that should be taken very seriously for the safety and comfort of all players. There is no physical contact allowed in combat ever. Contact with boffer weapons is different than physical contact for these purposes.

Other than weapon contact in combat situations, physical contact is permitted only when both players consent. Any rule that involves two players interacting where physical contact might get involved can be summarized by that last sentence.

Physical contact for combat purposes is never permitted. A player may not charge another player or do anything else that would force another player to move in order to avoid physical contact. Players may not grapple, wrestle, or otherwise entrap or impair limbs during combat. You may not grasp another player's weapon in combat. It is permissible to use a weapon to attempt to push or pull a shield or another weapon out of the way. However, it is not acceptable to pin a weapon or shield to an immovable object (such as a wall or the ground).

Bashing another player with a shield with the intention of knocking them off balance is also not permissible.

Gear Safety

Gear should be reinspected roughly yearly to make sure it does not become dangerous over time from wear.

All gear that will be used in combat (weapons and armor) must be inspected by an approved member of the rules workgroup before it can be brought into game. Weapons are inspected to make sure they are sufficiently padded and secure, while armor and shields are checked for sharp edges that could damage players or weapons (a damaged weapon isn't just an aesthetic issue, over time it can become a safety issue).

Real world weapons have no place at Kingdoms of Novitas. If you wish to carry a utility knife you must have it approved by a member of operations staff (Chris Soukup or Zach Goldstein).

Fire Safety

The Boy Scouts take fire safety very seriously, and as our hosts are a Boy Scout camp, we need to respect their requirements.

Small controlled flames (candles) can be lit by anyone, but should never be left unattended. If the candle is on the ground, make sure to clear the area of dry leaves and kindling before lighting it, just in case it tips over.

Campfires have important requirements. They may only be made in designated fire pits, and must be lit by an individual approved by someone specifically designated by the operations marshal or second (). Once lit the person who requested the fire is responsible for making sure that someone is attending it for as long as it remains lit. Failing to tend to a lit fire, can result in our entire organization getting kicked off this site, and will result in operations no longer lighting fires for you.

Combat: A Real Life Skill

Players are expected to remain in control of their actions at all times. Being able to stop abruptly is important and for that reason, jumping is generally not something that can be done safely during a combat situation.

Combat in Kingdoms of Novitas uses a player's real life talent where their character's abilities only have limited effect. Players over the course of an event will almost certainly find themselves in combat unless they actively try to avoid it. Ambush without prior warning is allowed and fairly common.

There is no realistic way for a player to officially remain out of combat during an event. For that reason if a player has a medical reason to worry about getting into combat they should take appropriate steps to safeguard themselves. This means some players may voluntarily limit themselves to the inn for their time in play to avoid most combat. If even the limited risk of combat in the inn is too risky, it is recommended that players remain in the logistics building during game hours.

Combat Referees

Battle damage and wear happens over time. Combat referees may ask to inspect weapons, shields or armor to make sure they are still safe to fight with. If they tell you to remove an item from the game you are expected to do so immediately. Using gear that you have been instructed to take out of the game for safety could result in that gear being confiscated.

Staff will occasionally send out combat referees whose job is solely to watch combats and guide people on rules matters. These individuals will be marked by orange headwear. If they give you instructions you are expected to follow them even if you think they are incorrect, speak to Brandon Febles and Michael Maneri after the situation to discuss any issues.

Respecting Other Players

It is a player's responsibility to respect other players. For example this means that while there is nothing in the rules to stop you from continually hitting a player who is already down that's unacceptable behavior. Everyone is present at the game to have fun, and hitting someone who has already fallen in combat, for no reason, is not fun for the person getting hit.

Game Holds

Game Hold Situations

During a "game hold" the game effectively stops completely. No in-game actions of any kind can take place. This includes (and is not limited to) combat, conversation, using items, casting spells, travelling, etc. You should remain quiet so that the source of the hold can be given everyone's undivided attention.

After the situation that caused the 'hold' has cleared up everyone should return as close as possible to where they were when it was called, and then as a group count down from 3 and call "game on". Everyone can then return to normal game play.

The "Hold!" Call

Any player can call 'hold' if they are in a situation that warrants using it. When you hear someone yell 'hold' or 'game hold' you should loudly repeat it to ensure that others around you also hear it. Immediately stop what you are doing and if possible hold still. Once you have done this identify why the hold was called so you can determine if you are able to help (assuming help is necessary). Sometimes help simply means stepping out of the way.

The word 'hold' should be avoided in normal conversation to ensure that the 'hold call' is kept reserved as something players react to instantly and correctly.

Reasons to call a hold include a real world injury or when the situation has become hazardous. Examples of hazardous situations are when someone is about to step on broken glass, actual spiked pit traps on the battlefield or other real terrain hazards.

It is important that you don't make this call without good reason so that it stays reserved for dangerous or serious situations. Bad reasons to call a 'hold' include when you fall but are not injured, dropping your weapon, rules disagreements, combat going badly, or any other situation where no one is in immediate danger.

Players should not call 'hold' on behalf of other individuals unless that individual is for some reason in a situation where they are unable to do so for themselves.

Time Stops

Time Stop Situations

A 'Time Stop' is a period of time where the game is paused briefly, strictly for in-game reasons. During a 'Time Stop' you should close your eyes and babble, ramble, mumble or hum to reduce the chances that players can hear what is happening. The goal is for whatever occurs to be as much of a surprise as possible.

When the person who initially called the 'Time Stop' has accomplished what they needed to do they will loudly and clearly count down from 3 before calling 'Game On!' to indicate a return to normal game play.

It is important that when this happens you remember that your character doesn't know a time stop occurred. Immediately looking around the room to see what changed is metagaming and undesirable behavior. The best roleplaying after a 'Time Stop' is to keep doing whatever it is was that you were doing before it was called.

The "Time Stop!" Call

This call is distinctly different from a hold call because this call is to advance the story, while the hold call is done for out-of-game reasons.

When you hear someone call 'Time Stop' you should immediately repeat the call by also calling 'Time Stop'.

No normal player ability allows for calling 'Time Stop'. This will almost always be an ability used by game masters or some specific creatures.

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