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Term Name: Condition

Description: An ongoing issue that has rules impacting a character. Generally negative, but not always. When it applies to an area it is called a field.

Rule Type: Gameplay


Magic Field

Equipment Condition

When the effect of something like an item or a spell lasts for a while and can have different interactions with other effects we call it a condition. This makes it easier to reference when this interaction occurs.


When a character drinks a potion that makes them stronger, they get a bonus of some kind. We call this an effect. Conditions are a type of effect. They also modify the character in some way. The difference is that conditions are generally more complex in scope, generally last longer, and may have multiple mechanics that may interact with that condition.

Conditions Durations and Removal

Most conditions last until the duration listed on the condition runs out or the end of the event, whichever comes first. The exception to this is if a condition explicitly says it lasts for longer than an event. In these cases the condition will last for the duration listed.

For conditions that modify other conditions such as the Poisoned condition if the condition that is modified lasts longer than an event, the Poisoned condition will also last longer than an event.

An example of this would be something calling for 'Poison Memory Loss!'. Because the Lost Memories condition has a duration longer than an event, the Poisoned condition that comes with this call would last longer as well.

Other than time, conditions can be removed by things that remove either the condition by name or things that remove that condition based on it's effect type. When the 'Poison!' or the 'Acid!' call modify another call they change what effect type the second call is.

'The Lost Memories condition is normally a Compulsion spell. However, with the 'Poison Memory Loss!' call where it has been modified by 'Poison!' the Lost Memories condition counts as a Poison. Anything that would remove a Compulsion effect (like Smelling Salts) or a spell effect (like the Dispel Magic spell) will not remove this condition. Instead things that remove the Poisoned condition remove the Lost Memories condition.


A field is a condition that covers an area; either a circle of a fixed diameter, or a building. If a field is a circle it will have the center of it marked by a flag or some other way to indicate where it is. Buildings will have all entrances and exits (including windows) marked. Fields are never mobile, once a field is set up, that is where it will remain.

Fields created by a spell or ritual can be ended by their creator at any time (if the creator is present and conscious). Some fields have additional ways they end. Other characters can dispel a field, generally with the Dispel Magic spell (each field will specify any additional ways to end it). When a character casts Dispel Magic, and wants to 'Dispel!' a field they only need to hit somewhere inside the field with the 'Dispel!' call. They do not need to hit the creator, in fact hitting the creator with an appropriate 'Dispel!' will not dispel the field. The two are separate entities. Any defenses on the creator do not protect the field.

All fields are tied to announcement calls. Players who know the field is there should make sure others do as well by announcing the type of field as needed to make others aware of it, even if they are not the creator.

Equipment Conditions

Conditions that affect items are rare, but they do happen from time to time. Generally they relate to breaking the object in question. The equipment condition will always tell you how to fix it in its description.

Most of the time when equipment gains a condition the character who owns it will repair it in short order. If for some reason the character wants to put the item down for later, it is entirely possible (even probable) someone will unknowingly use a broken item not knowing that it has a condition on it. We accept that as one of the challenges of live action role-playing. Do what you reasonably can to let anyone who might use the item know it has a condition on it. As long as the person is attempting to use the item in good faith, simply educate them when you find out this is happening, and move on with things from there.


Listing of Conditions

Condition Name

Effect Duration Common Sources Common Cures

Acid Residue

This condition does nothing by itself. It only modifies another condition changing how it is cured. Based on other call. Scarce items, some monsters Anything that cures the Poisoned condition.


You have been forced to dissipate into the elements and can't voluntarily end it. 10 Minutes The Banish spell Waiting

Bleeding Out

The character has a wound bleeding uncontrollably, they will die soon if not treated. 10 Minutes Torso Wounds Stabilization Concoction, the Heal Mortal Wound spell


The character has been damaged in a way that will heal quickly. 10 Minutes Blunt attacks, the Resilience spell Waiting, the First Aid skill


You are compelled to treat the source of the Charmed condition as a friend. 10 Minutes The Charm spell, dryads Waiting, Smelling Salts


Set an enemy's body to a maximum of 1. 10 minutes The Curse spell, Spyderbyte, some creatures Waiting, the Heroism spell

Damaged Spark

Due to a damaged spark the character is immune to Restoration effects. Indefinitely Rare dangerous creatures Specific items, special plots.


The character is dead. More powerful magic is needed to heal them. Permanent Unless Healed Killing Blows, Bleeding Out The Revive spell

Destroyed Memories

This character's memories have been severely altered so they have forgotten 10 minutes of time. This is considerably harder to cure than the Lost Memories condition Event then Permanent. The Mindwipe Trap, The Memory Void ritual The Memory Void or Cleansing Rituals.


A Diseased character has -1 Might, -1 Accuracy, -1 Body and must walk slowly. Indefinite The 'Disease!' call Rejuvenation Elixir, Theriac, Catholicon


The character no longer has any interest in the source of the condition 1 Minute The Disengage spell, Bug Repellent, Holy Water Waiting, Smelling Salts, being attacked by the source


This character has temporarily transformed their body into the elements for safety. 10 Minutes The Dissipate spell Voluntarily ending the condition.


Someone else can now control your actions. 10 Minutes The Dominate spell, The Primal Form spell, the Dreadlord spell Waiting, Smelling Salts


You can't use any spells or rituals that require incantation 10 Minutes The Enfeeble spell Waiting, the Dispel Magic spell


Reduce your accuracy, might, and body by 1 each. You can't go faster than walking speed. Event or until cured. Heroism Rejuvenation Elixir, Theriac, Catholicon

Ghastly Visage

An illusion disguises you as undead, allowing a character to convince predatory undead that they are one of them. 10 Minutes The Ghastly Visage spell Voluntarily ending it


You can't dissipate, have your spark taken, or benefit from illusions. 10 Minutes Terran Roots?, Spirit Tar? Waiting, Dispel Magic


You are unable to defend yourself. Variable Torso Wound and Terrorized conditions Removing the source.


This condition augments another effect making it difficult to remove. Variable Fragile Traps, Hexed Items The Remedy ritual, waiting

Ley Transit

Your body turns to energy and you travel through the magic of the world to a predetermined location. Instant* The Leylines Spell Arriving at destination

Limb Wound

One or more of a characters limbs have been injured. Event Damage, Pit Traps The Restore Limb spell

Lost Memories

This character's memories have been altered so they have forgotten 10 minutes of time. Permanent after the next event. The Memory Loss spell The Memory Loss or Dispel Magic spells


If you are not cured by the end of the next event you'll become a werewolf. Permanent unless cured Werewolf claws Wolfsbane, Theriac, Catholicon


A Pinned character cannot move their feet. 10 Minutes The Pin, Pin Wild, and Pin Undead spells, Tanglefoot Bags Waiting, Smelling Salts


You have been infected by a plague and are now at risk of spreading it until you are cured. Until cured An infected person spreads a plague to you The Remedy ritual


You cannot heal body points or remove wounds while you have this condition. Event or if attached to another condition that condition's duration Goblin Iron weapons, Alchemicals The Purify Spirit spell, Theriac, Catholicons


A Silenced character may not speak (other than to use calls). 1 minute The Silence spell, the Status Roleplaying skill Waiting, Smelling Salts


Characters who have been Smote have been Grounded and lost any Damage Requirement or Basic Kill Condition by an agent of the gods. 10 Minutes Chosen of the Soldier and Grak Waiting


The character's spark is missing. They are dead and can't be healed without getting their spark back. 1 Hour (Typically) Reap Spirit Mediums, killing the person with your spark

Stolen Spark

This character has used magic to take another beings spark. 1 hour Reap Spirit Mediums, time, death


A Terrorized character is frozen in place unable to move, and other effects as well. 10 Minutes The Terror spell, Grip of Darkness Waiting, Getting Hit, Smelling Salts

Torso Wound

The character has received a grave injury and is unconscious. Event Damage, Boulders The Heal Mortal Wound spell, a Catholicon


You find yourself unable to lie. 1 Minute Truth Serum Smelling Salts


A Weakened character reduces their Might and Accuracy by half. 10 Minutes The Weaken spell, the Scorpion's Kiss alchemical Waiting, Smelling Salts

Listing of Magic Fields

Field Name

Effect Duration Common Sources Removing the Field

Bound Location

A place that a character is supernaturally attuned to Until changed Capacity to cast the Leylines spell by any means Losing access to the Leylines spell


A field that prevents undead from entering the area Source Will Specify The Consecrate ritual The Desecrate ritual, The Cleansing ritual


A protective bubble that keeps people and physical objects out Source Will Specify The Sanctuary spell, some shrines The Dispel Magic spell


Living creatures may not enter an Unhallowed area. Source Will Specify The Desecrate ritual, some shrines The Consecrate ritual, The Cleansing Ritual

Listing of Equipment Conditions

Condition Name

Effect Duration Common Sources Repair Methods


A broken item is worse than useless, it's a liability Until the item is repaired 'Acid!' damage The Mend Armor spell

Magic Locked

Holds any object that can be opened or closed so that it can no longer be opened or closed. Long (Game Day) The Magic Lock Spell Waiting, Voluntarily, The Dispel Magic Spell, Magic Lock Picks


Tinkering items affected by 'Dispel Magic!'? lose their functionality temporarily. Medium (10 minutes) The Dispel Magic spell Waiting

The Diagnosis Spell


Diagnosis isn't needed very often, but when it is needed it can provide very useful information. More often than not Diagnosis is used to get basic information about a plot, identifying exactly what is wrong with someone.

All conditions (except the Stolen Spark condition) are revealed to a character who casts the spell. One of the spell's primary functions is to reveal "What is wrong with this person?", and often the answer to that question comes from a condition.


The caster can 'Diagnose' one patient, learning all conditions on the patient (except Stolen Spark). For any condition discovered diagnosis will reveal appropriate ways to cure it. If diagnosing a corpse, it will reveal the cause and method of death. This will also detect the presence of the patient's own spark.

While using diagnosis the caster is protected from catching any harmful afflictions due to examining the patient.

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